Hennops MTB Trails

Hennops MTB Trail’s unique features are the Hennops river flowing through a valley bordered by mountain ranges to the north and the south. This gives our 90% single track purpose built mountain bike trail a variety of terrain, some steep climbs and descents, lots of natural obstacles and great views to enjoy.

The trail is 38km in total (Elevation gain 500m) and is made up of 7 sections with shortcut options after each sections to make up your own distance from 5km to 38km.

  • River (5km) Easy
  • Green trail (30km) Elevation gain 307m (River, Safari, Sani, Dragon, Snake, Kayalami and Home run sections)
  • Green + Blue trails (38km) Elevation gain 500m (all green sections + skeleton)

* You also have a short cut option after each section to make up your own distance.

* Beginner riders: Take the “Short Cut” at Safari and Snake and try the Kayalami section, complete with the Home Run back home. This will be 14km’s. Or take all “Short Cut” options to ride only 10km.

River (5km)

The first section ‘River’ is suitable for beginner riders. Surrounded by the river and trees this beautiful flat section offers a 30m suspension bridge, berms, swirls and turns, a few ups and downs and fast flowing flat bits. The River section forms the beginning and end of the Green trail.

Green trail (30km)

  • River (5km / Elevation gain 10m)
  • Safari (4.5 km / Elevation gain 100m)

Safari goes through the game fenced 4×4 park. Some steady climbs and downhill single track to negotiate whilst you can keep an eye out for Zebra, Impala, Blouwildebees, and Kudu. In this section the MTB trail crosses the hiking and 4×4 trails on a few occasions

  • Sani (6.4km/ Elevation gain 138m)

The name says it all! If you like mountain climbing – this is the one!

  • Dragon (4.5km / Elevation gain 80m)

Dragon is fast flowing, twisting and turning. You will meet 4 witches (bridges) at the bottom of the valley.

  • Snake (3.5km/ Elevation gain 54m)

This is a twisting mountain single track with many switchbacks. Come test your technical skills here, but be careful as the name suggests the Snake can bite!

  • Kyalami (3.7km / Elevation gain 28m)

Kyalami is a flat, super smooth flowing single track with long and short corners to test  your flat terrain riding.

  • Home Run (1.4km)

Home Run takes you back tot the home leg of River and back to Hadeda camp. This is a fast downhill track.

Green + Blue trail (38km)

All Green sections + Skeleton (Total Elevation gain: 500m)

  • Skeleton (8km/ Elevation gain: 170m)

Skeleton offers a variety of terrain from flat savannah to gorges and creek bed riding.

Panoramic views await!


Enjoy a relaxing swim and braai at the Picnic spot next to the river after your ride

If you still have stamina take a hike on one of our hiking trails

A Food an and coffee bar is at reception and is open until 15h00

How it works

  • As a day visitor, no booking required. Parking and registration office are situated at Hadeda Camp
  • Gates to Hadeda Camp open at 06h30 on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays.
    Registration office hours: 07h00 – 14h00
  • During the week (Mon – Fri). You can start from 07h00 – 14h00. Close at 17h00.
  • Please do not cycle on the hiking and 4×4 trails.
  • Always ride within your limits.
  • One way only.
  • Note that the Picnic Spot can be closed from time to time due to flooding during rainy season (low water vehicle access bridge).
  • Please note that we are NOT affiliated with “Hennops Pride” or “Hennops River Hiking Trail“, so please ensure you follow directions for “Hennops Hiking & MTB Trails” on Google Maps.
  • See event calendar for the dates that the trail will be closed in the morning.


You have 3 options:

  • R50/adult
    R40/school children (6 – 18 years)
    This fee will give you access to the MTB trails only
  • R80/adult
    R40/school children (6 – 18 years)
    This fee will give you access to the:
    – MTB trails
    – Hiking Trails
    – Picnic Spot (Swim and braai facilities)
  • Multi Entry
    • R400/10 MTB trail entries
    • R600/20 MTB trail entries
    • The multi entries are for sale at the office (EFT/cash). Valid for one year for one person. This entry is for the MTB trail only.

Event Calendar

Please note that the MTB trails will be closed on the following dates.

  • 3 November 2019 Trail Hunter Big 5 trail run #5
  • 30 November 2019 KMG MTB race

Download the MTB trail map: