Hennops Hiking Trail

In the heart of busy Gauteng, virtually on the doorstep of both Johannesburg and Pretoria, hikers can now experience one of the few unspoiled nature areas at Hennops Hiking Trail.

The Hennops hiking trail consists of three trails setting out from Hadeda Camp. At the beginning and end of both trails, the route meanders along the Hennops River before veering away into the surrounding mountains.

Two unique features on the trail are the river crossings – a suspension bridge and a cable car. There are interesting historical sites along the trail, amongst others an old field (veld) hospital used in the Anglo Boer war. Aspiring historians will enjoy seeing an underground cave where “Pruimpie” lived, traces of old settlements and the old dolomite mines and the ovens in which the rocks were heated to melt and extract the lime.

Apart from the 9 mammal species in the game camp, kudu thrives in this area and may be seen all over the farm. The indigenous trees along the river, the gorges and plateau areas makes this an outstanding area for bird life.

We have 3 Trails

Zebra Trail

Distance: 5km
Duration: 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Average
Elevation gain: 110m
River crossing: Cable car/Suspension bridge
Points of interest: Bokmakieries Bos, Oude Muragie, Dassie caves

A variety of game can be viewed on this trail namely Zebra, Gnu, Impala, Blesbok, Kudu & Zonkie

Krokodilberg Trail

Distance: 10km
Duration: 4 – 5 hours
Degree of difficulty: Average – Difficult
Elevation gain: 400m
River crossing: Suspension bridge, cable car
Points of interest: Hospital cave, Pruimpie se gat, view points, stone mount’s, Dolomite mines, Kalkoond, Dassie caves

Not recommended for children under 12 or unfit adults. Small game as well as Kudu and Eland can be viewed on this trail

Dassie Trail

Distance: 2.5km
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Degree of difficulty: Easy – Average
Elevation gain: 70m
River crossing: Suspension bridge, Cable car
Points of interest: Hospital cave, Pruimpie se gat, dassie caves

This trail offers parents the opportunity to introduce their children to hiking. It follows the same route as Krokodilberg to start but returns at no. 6 (Pruimpie se gat) to the cable car on the “escape route”

How it works

  • As a day visitor, no booking required. Parking and registration office are situated at Hadeda Camp
  • Gates to Hadeda Camp open at 07h00 on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays (Closed on 25 December).
    Registration office hours: 07h00 – 14h00 (Upon registration you will receive a map and orientation)
    Closing at 17h00.
  • During the week (Mon – Fri) you can start between 07h00 – 14h00. Closing at 17h00.
  • The cost is R80/adult and R40/schoolchildren. All fees are payable in cash – no card facilities available.
  • This also gives you access to Hennops Picnic Spot where swimming pools and braai facilties are available.
  • Please note that the Picnic Spot can be closed from time to time due to flooding during rainy season (low water vehicle access bridge).
  • Please note that we are NOT affiliated with “Hennops Pride” or “Hennops River Hiking Trail“, so please ensure you follow directions for “Hennops Hiking & Mtb Trails” on Google Maps.

Need to know

  • A comfortable day backpack, strong shoes, and a hat are essential to any hike
  • Light snacks and sun block. There are no water points on the trails.
  • Carry 1L of water / person for every 2 hours of hiking
  • Choose the right trail for your fitness level
  • Please do not graffiti or deface our trees, rocks or any property
  • No pets
  • No alcohol allowed on trails
  • No Music
  • Do not litter!
  • A Food and coffee bar is at reception and is open until 15h00


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